Sewing Design

Clothing with Imagination

Creating with Cloth

From the Medieval to the Mod

Sewing design may seem a bit lofty for most people, however, at Jumping Raindrops, we cater to individuals who seek custom clothing for themselves.

In fact, many projects involve one piece of clothing, such as a blazer, jacket or pants. 

Recently, I created two pairs of pants for individual customers that were both artistic collaboratives.

The color pattern of the fabric, in both instances, was printed from the artwork of the corresponding customer.

My work was simply to create custom fitted clothing from their unique fabric.

My task was easy.  The net result, however, was striking and unique. 

You may find that the clothing that you're looking for isn't available at local shops or Online.

Jumping Raindrops is happy to work with you.  We are also happy to work with groups or organizations on larger projects, as well.

Please feel free to contact us for more information, to make an appointment or for a  price quote. 

Unique and Custom Designed Clothing

Original Clothing and Design

Enjoy what no one else has.  Let Jumping Raindrops create your own unique clothing.  The above pants cloth pattern was the artwork of my clients.  For more information on where you may have your artwork transposed to cloth, please feel free to contact us. 

Unique Designs for Special Occasions

Custom Clothing from Age Old Design

The unique may also be a part of the past. Clothing included. For custom clothing, including centuries old intricate designs and patterns, please feel free to contact us.

Special Projects

Cloth Can Speak

For special projects for organizations, please feel free to contact Jumping Raindrops.  I am happy to work together with entities for various purposes.

Recreating Your Favorite Garments

Have a suit or dress that would look great in another fabric?  jumping Raindrops can recreate your garments in other fabrics.  Please feel free to contact us for a quote.