Vintage Clothing Restoration and Replication

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Fashioning a Neoteric of Yore

Jumping Raindrops Specializes in Vintage Clothing

While clothing from a time gone by has captured the hearts and minds of many, the lifetime of turn of the century clothing is, at times, especially limited.  

In fact, finer gowns and garments from the turn of the century or prior are often tattered and frayed beyond repair, with netting and stitching about to disassemble.

The dress above, more than one hundred years old, was recreated by Jumping Raindrops.  

If you have an age old gown, dress or garment that you would like to restore or recreate Jumping Raindrops provides the extensive sewing services that make available the task.

Prices vary.  

Please contact Jumping Raindrops to make an appointment.  After examining the garment, we can provide you with a price quote.